How to Choose a Roofing Contractor
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How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

Denver roofing contractor

What to Look for in a Denver Roofing Contractor

Whether your roof is old or just endured a terrible storm, finding the right roofing contractor can often feel like speed dating. The high pressure and the brief interaction can add to the confusion on who is the right roofing contractor for you. Don’t stress, here is a no fuss list of things to help you pick the Denver roofing contractor that is a perfect match.


Insurance is a huge one. There are so many things that fall under this category. First, be sure the contractor has both liability and compensation insurance. You may even need to call their insurance company to verify that the policy is current and valid.

You will want to talk to your insurance company. You should know what your policy details are. You should pay your own deductible. If the contractor is offering to handle that for you, you may be dealing with an insurance scam artist. This also goes for a contractor that offers to handle your claim.

Look for Local

Looking for a Denver roofing contractor that has an established business will protect you in the long run, especially if you need to rely on that warranty. Imagine needing to use your warranty five years later and finding that the roofers you hired are out of business. Look for reviews of local companies and do your research.


The worst way to find a roofer is going with the guy that knocks on your door after a storm. These storm chasing roofers are not necessarily a good choice. Just because they talked your neighbor into hiring them doesn’t mean you should too.

The best way to find a Denver roofing contractor for your roof is to go through the BBB(Better Business  Bureau). A contractor in good graces with the BBB may be a little costlier but it is better to pay more now instead of paying for it later.

1st Priority Roofing Contractors are BBB certified.

Get it in Writing

It’s easy to go along with whatever the contractor says, especially when you don’t speak “Roofese”. Going along without question or contract can lead to stress, trouble, and higher costs later on.

Before the job ever starts, get everything in a written contract. Discuss how long the job will take, the cost, the size of the crew, and the terms of the payment. Do not pay until the work is completes and you are satisfied with the job.

Avoid High Pressure

Contractors have more knowledge of roofing, so it is easy to get pressured into signing contracts prematurely. If someone knocks on your door and offers to do your roof, don’t sign a contract with them until you have talked to your insurance company. Be wary of pressure to sign a letter of intent or any other commitment. It’s ok to shop around and compare your options.

Money Matters

It is important to understand the ballpark costs, as well as what is a fair price. If you’re doing comparisons and one company is significantly cheaper (or even just a little cheaper) find out why. Cheaper isn’t always better. In fact, cheaper can be much worse.

Sure, you could hire that guy that does odd jobs during the summer, but you get what you pay for.


You know that friend that never returns your calls or texts. Trying to do anything with them is a nightmare. You probably cut ties with that friend. Apply those same standards with your roofing contractor. Does he call you back quickly? How fast does he get back to you with information like insurance and certification?

If communication with the contractor is strained and inconsistent, it could be that way through the job. Don’t settle for a contractor that will drive you nuts, be sure you can communicate with them easily.

If you are in the market, find out if we’re the best roofing contractor for you. Contact us today.

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