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Secure Your Roof With the Help of a Denver Commercial Roofer

Summer is here! Along with ice cream, lounging by the pool, and road trips, summer also means big storms. In the summer, you can expect to see wind storms, hail storms, thunder storms, and tornadoes. All this big weather can lead to damage on your roof.

Normally you only need to check your roof once or twice a year, but after a big storm has passed, it’s a good idea to look for signs of roof damage.


Start inside you home. Look for leaks in your attic. It’s a good idea to also look for water stains and dips on the ceiling. You may have to poke your ceiling to check for any moisture. If you smell a wet or damp smell, then you probably have a leak. Another good sign of damage is sunlight coming in from the ceiling.


After you’ve looked inside, now it’s time to check outside. First, look around for anything loose or dangerous on your roof. Next, check the shingles. Missing or damaged shingles are usually easy to spot. If your gutters are clogged, it is a good idea to clear them out. Debris in the gutters can cause water to sit on your roof. A pool of water on a roof is a recipe for disaster. You should also check for excess moisture or even mold on your roof. This can lead to big problems later.

You also should look at the flashing, the chimneys, and the vents. Damage here can also be a big deal.


You are positive that last hail storm has done significant damage to your poor roof. Rather than throwing a funeral for it, contact your insurance company. No one does a better job of assessing the situation than an insurance agent. They will come out, take pictures, examine the roof and tell you whether or not you have a claim. They may also tell you a roofing company to use.

With insurance, comes a lot of paperwork. Keep any receipts and estimates regarding your roof. The more paperwork you have, the better.

You may also need to use additional tools to prevent more damage until a Denver commercial roofer can come out. Tarps should cover holes and window coverings until a roofer can come and help you.


After big storm damage, there probably is a Denver commercial roofer lurking around the neighborhood, waiting to pounce and pressure you into using them. Don’t do it! Say no to lurking roofers.

After you’ve talked to your insurance, get a list of recommended roofers. You can also ask your neighbors and friends who they have used to replace or repair their roof.  Do your homework and research for yourself. If you want a roofer you can trust, try 1st Priority Roofers. We have been top rated in the BBB and have a reputation for being honest and doing an amazing job.

Don’t let big storms ruin your summer fun. Contact us today for all your roofing needs.