1st Priority Roofing Installs the Best Roof Replacements & Gutters
1st Priority Specializes in Roof Replacement and Gutter Replacement. If you have additional service needs such as painting, siding, windows, etc. we have great industry contacts and can point you in the right direction to help you coordinate with the contractors you select.

Often times people don’t know what steps they should take after a large hail storm.  Here is what we recommend:

First, have a local-qualified company like 1st Priority do a FREE inspection and consultation.

Second, if the consultation reveals the need to involve your insurance company, call your insurance company to set an inspection – typically this is done with a 1st Priority representative just after the inspection and consultation.

Third, once your insurance company does their inspection, have 1st Priority audit their work to verify that it is a fair settlement.
Finally, determine what work needs completed and have 1st Priority complete those repairs.  After work is complete, we will bill the insurance company for work done – and they will release a final check to you to give to your contractor

1st Priority does offer roof certification services.  At this time, however, we do not offer a warranty with our certification program.