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Thank you very much 1st Priority Roofing for making my life easier and less stressful.
Check out some of the reviews we’ve had from 1st Priority Roofing customers. We know that there are all kinds of ways to select a contractor, and one of the best is simply to read what others had to say. Check out a small sample below :

Our customer service is impeccable as we handle problems effectively and immediately, with our customers best interest in mind. We’re not perfect, but we make sure to make right any item that may arise during the course of the project. Below is a letter from just one of the many customers we’ve helped with a re-roofing project.

This post is regarding the fine experience we enjoyed having contracted with your company for the replacement of our roof this month. From the joint inspection of the roof with my insurance adjuster to the final inspection of the completed job, your word was golden as was the performance. We are very pleased with the timeliness and workmanship of the project and the appearance of the new roof. I would not hesitate to recommend your company based on this experience

– Joe Corder

I’m pretty sure that all roofing jobs are not as complex or as daunting as mine. Between the considerable size and complexity of my roof, the steep and challenging access and the inaccuracies of my insurance claim, Jack Caton and 1st Priority Roofing definitely had their hands full when they took my roof on as a project.

From the outset Jack and his people were there to help me through each step making it much less stressful than it would have been without them. They took charge and got my insurance company squared away, they pre-planned the delivery of the materials so that there were no difficulties or delays. Their installation crew was prompt, courteous and meticulous and my roof was beautifully installed without incident. Being high on a hill wind was an issue during installation yet the grounds were left free and clear of debris. The personal attention was helpful and gratifying and the entire experience was quite pleasant.

If you need repair or replacement of your roof, it is with pleasure that I strongly recommend Jack Caton and 1st Priority Roofing knowing that like me you will be extremely happy with their work.

– Robert D. Lynch

I offered to write a letter regarding my recent experience with 1st Priority Roofing. I requested to write a letter due to their outstanding service, professionalism and most importantly how they have gone above and beyond all expectations. In February I contacted 1st Priority Roofing to look at some damage on my roof that needed repair. 1st Priority Roofing had someone at my home the following day, repaired the damage that was done, but 1st Priority Roofing wasn’t done with the repair they walked me through the whole process stayed in contact with me and even found additional repairs that they weren’t obligated to even look at or take part in. 1st Priority Roofing repaired additional problems and once again this process was expedited. I am truly grateful for the work that they do and the way that they take care of their customers. Going through a process like this can and usually is very stressful especially when you have little ones in your home you want to make certain that they are in a safe home. 1st Priority really did live up to their name by taking care of me and I would be willing to share my experience with anyone about how they have taken great care of me. It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter and I would recommend 1st Priority Roofing without hesitation.

– Nathan Thorn

Jack Caton answered the call when my roof blew off and made the whole process much easier than I expected. Jack made extra effort in coming out to assure everything necessary would be covered. He smoothed out and streamlined the entire process and made things go exceptionally well. This is going far and beyond the normal scope of duty. Thanks to Jack, the entire process was managed properly and in a very timely manner. Everything happened exactly the way Jack said it would, and the whole job was completed as he said it would be Thank you Jack for managing the project smoothly and efficiently until completed.

They were a finely tuned performance machine, this was impressive to watch. They didn’t send out a couple of guys for a week to piddle around with shingles. They completed the entire job of tear off and re-roof in an astonishing amount of time, AND did some of the best quality roofing I have seen, no kidding. Not only were all of the crew on site on time, but every one of them were hard at work on time exactly the way Jack said it would happen. The crew is obviously very skilled and took pride in their good work. This is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale industry; good old-fashioned American exceptionalism. They provided top shelf quality and efficiency. They even cleaned up the yard better than it was when they arrived. Amazing!

1st Priority Roofing is the only roofing company I can now feel confident about recommending to anyone who really needs a high quality job done in an efficient manner and without worrying about if they are coming back tomorrow. It was completed in a matter of hours, not days. If anyone chooses to use another roofer, you are already off to a bad start. Just call Jack and it’s as good as done.

Thank you very much 1st Priority Roofing for making my life easier and less stressful.

– Nat Mcguffin

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