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There are several options when it comes to residential roofing materials

How to File a Roof Insurance Claim

Do You Need to File a Roof Insurance Claim? When roof damage is discovered following a storm or annual roof inspection, time is of the essence to resolve the issue and prevent further loss.  Several steps can be taken by homeowners to ensure their roofing insurance claim is handled quickly and efficiently, reducing costs and […]

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How to Prevent Roof Damage

Prevent Roof Damage and Save Long Term Homeowners who ignore their roofs until an accident occurs or a repair is required face higher costs and a shorter lifespan for their roofs. It should be a priority for every homeowner to prevent roof damage.  By following a few suggestions, your roof will have a longer life […]

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Refer Your Friends to Denver’s Best Roofers

Your Friends Deserve Denver’s Best Roofers When friends ask for a roofer recommendation, refer them to Denver’s best roofers, 1st Priority Roofing, and receive rewards for your referral.  Earn points for each referral you submit online who chooses to utilize 1st Priority Roofing for their roofing needs.  Redeem those points for prizes ranging from household […]

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3 Steps to Prepare Your Roof for Winter in Denver

  While Denver is known for its delightful summers, with picture-perfect backdrops and plenty of summer fun activities, winter in Denver is an acquired taste. Not only does the temperature gauge barely teeter past 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but the area receives a generous helping of snow each and every year. In fact, the average snowfall […]

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How Roofers in Denver Can Save You Time and Money

Our Roofers in Denver can Help   Your house is only as good as the roof that sits on top of it. Especially being in Denver, the stress of various weather, the sun, temperature changes, and the odd hail storm, can exasperate any roof. Damage can be from a variety of hazards but when your roof […]

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Looking for a Colorado Springs Roofing Company?

  With so much else to do, worrying about your roof can be an unwelcome prospect. When the roof is working properly, it is easy to forget about, but when leaks and damage occur, there is little else of more importance than fixing it. 1st Priority Roofing is the top Colorado Springs roofing company, with […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Winter to Get Your Roof Inspected

Some things in life are worth waiting for. Others, not so much. When it comes to your home and your roof, waiting to have it inspected for issues is just asking for trouble. Whether you suspect something is wrong with your roof or not, having it inspected at least once a year by a professional […]

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Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair

Roofs can be a fickle thing. A leak could mean that just one area of the roof needs to be replaced, but a leak could also mean that your entire roofing system is past its prime. Bent or cracked shingles on your roof may mean that just those areas were not installed correctly, or it […]

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How Does Cold Weather Affect Asphalt Shingles ?

There are several options when it comes to residential roofing materials, but nearly three quarters of the country has chosen the asphalt shingle. It’s easy to see why the majority of American homes are roofed with asphalt shingles, they’re affordable, durable, look great, and the sheer variety of asphalt shingles means that you can get […]

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