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Commercial Roofing is different from residential roofing in various aspects. While the work in residential roofing can be done in a few days, installing a commercial roof can take much longer – mostly because of the increase in size. Also, the property is a big part of the commercial activity taking places and there is a host of people walking around and working on their project. If not properly managed this can cause chaos in the property and cause work delay for the commercial activity as well as roof installation.

1st PRIORITY ROOFING has a lot of experience in commercial roofing and we can ensure that your roof is installed properly without any hiccups. While the perfect roof for your commercial property is dependent on various factors you can rest assured that our contractors will discuss your needs and requirement and provide you with the best roofing system that you need. Choose 1st PRIORITY ROOFING – the best roofing company in Denver.

Some of the commercial roofing systems available are:

Asphalt Shingles Roofing

 Though not very common your commercial property can have asphalt shingles as its roofing material. Asphalt shingles are one of the cheapest roofing materials, but your roof must have a slope of at least 4:12 i.e. 4 inches of height for every 12 inches across. It is not recommended to use shingles in low sloped or flat roof as it becomes difficult for the water or snow to slide off, and trapped moisture can cause premature deterioration of your roof. Shingles can be installed on a medium sloped roof with its slope between 2:12 to 4:12, but certain measures have to be taken to ensure the longevity of your roof.

Tile Roofing

One of the sturdiest forms of modern roofing, tile roofing comes in the form of clay and concrete. While the tiles are some of the most expensive roofing material it pays off on its price by having a long life of 100+ years. Tile roofs are known as ‘lifetime roof’ as this roof will generally outlive you. Tile roofing is recommended in places like Colorado which have comparatively milder winters as clay tiles are known to become easier to crack at really low temperatures. Also, tile roofing is recommended for places which dry and warm as moisture can cause the growth of microbes on the tiles. Thus, tile roofing is one of the best roofing options for properties in Colorado. We can provide you with some of the best quality tiles available in the market.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a great choice for a commercial roof as it has high wind resistance and is non-combustible by nature i.e. it is fireproof. A metal roof is also reflective by nature and can save you money in utility bills. The long service life of a metal roof also makes it an ideal choice for your commercial roof. Although this roof will be immune to most of the problems present in other roofing materials, it is susceptible to rusting and that is generally the cause of damage in ill-maintained roofs. While the metal in the roof makes it immune to rot and decay it also makes the roof quite noisy. Metal Roofing is generally done in two ways – Standing Metal Seams and Metal Shingles.


PVC is one of the best roofing material as it is not only inexpensive but also highly durable. Its seams are also hot air welded instead of the usual use of adhesive increasing the longevity and wind resistance of your roof. PVC is not only resistant to fire, but this roofing system is pretty high up on chemical resistance too, making it the best roofing system for many commercial units. All PVC membranes have a breaking strength of at least 350 pounds (158.75 kg) per inch. PVC is also highly resistant to oil and grease making it an ideal roofing system for restaurants and hotels. If this was not enough, your decision to install the PVC membrane on your roof will save you money on energy as they are white and thus energy saving.


While Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is an inexpensive single-ply roofing membrane (that is white and thus has energy savings effect in your property) its cons far outweigh the pros. While it is one of the cheapest materials present in the market today, its top is laminated; making it vulnerable to shrinking and cracking over time. While a good quality TPO prevents corrosion and discourages the growth of mold and mildew, the quality of TPO is very inconsistent and you can end up with a poorly made TPO membrane – making it a waste of your money.


Also known as rubber roofing EPDM is a light-weight membrane that can give the same benefits while adapting to any style or shape on your roof. It is eco-friendly as no toxins are released in its manufacturing and it is completely recyclable. While EPDM is traditionally black, you can get white EPDM (at around 30 percent increase in price) which is reflective of solar energy and can thus end up saving you money on utility bills. EPDM is also fireproof. While available at very low costs, certain mechanically attached parts can make it a more expensive option than other materials. Therefore, you must hire an experienced and efficient roofing company like 1st PRIORITY ROOFING to ensure proper installation according to your needs.


Often referred to as ‘Tar and Gravel Roof’ BUR is the oldest form of commercial roofing still existing in the USA. This roof is made by alternatively adding layers of felt/ fabric and tar/bitumen and topping it with a layer of gravel. As the multiple layers make it virtually waterproof, BUR is a good choice of roofing system for low sloped roofs. BUR traditionally has a poor reflective score and is not energy efficient, but modern roof coatings have made it possible to make BUR system energy efficient. While this system is quite durable due to multiple layers, the same multiple layers also causes the roof to become considerably heavier. Thus, it is essential to contact a professional and trusted roofing company like 1st PRIORITY ROOFING to inspect the property before deciding on BUR as your roof system.

Whichever roofing style that you chose to go with in your commercial property, it is very important that you hire the correct roofing contractor who will ensure proper installation of your roof as commercial can be quite complex as special attention has to be given to various factors not affecting residential roofing, like ensuring proper ventilation channels as heavy duty HVAC units are installed in commercial buildings. You should only hire contractors like 1st PRIORITY ROOFING who are experienced in installing commercial roofs.

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