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Have you noticed any damages to your roof recently? No matter how well the initial roof was installed, it takes only time for the quality of the roof to deteriorate as over the years your roof keeps taking punishments from elements of nature. While you sit inside all warm and comfortable your roof is bearing waves of UV rays, Cold weathers, storms, pests, etc. Worn down and damaged roof not only decreases the aesthetic value of your curb appeal but can also lead to some very serious damages. An attempt to save little money by ignoring minor damages on the roof of your house can lead to a big financial burden when those small damages start spreading over the roof or lead to some other major problem. It is unsafe to postpone repairing your roof damages not just because it can lead to leakages and discolorations on the walls of your home, but also cause structural damage to your roof which makes it quite unsafe for you to reside on the property. Maintaining your roof in the best possible condition also affects the resale value of your house by a huge margin as your roof is on display as the crown of your house.

team repairing roofWhile some minor cosmetic damages can be worked on by the homeowner, it is only recommended for those, who have some experience in walking across roofs without damaging it and losing balance as your roof can be quite a dangerous place to be. Different types of roofs can have a varying degree of danger to work on – it depends on the material used on your roof, the pitch of your roof (pitch of your roof refers to the inclination of your roof) and the present condition of your roof. For example a wet high pitched metal roof, or a metal roof with snow on it, having a slope of 6:12 (starting the measure from the eaves of your home, there is a rise of 6 inches for every 12 inches across) is much more dangerous place to work on than a dry low pitched tiled or shingled roof of slope 2:12. Falling from a roof can lead to serious injuries and even death (if the roof is at enough height). Thus, it is always recommended to hire a professional roofing contractor to come to take a look at your roof.


Curling Shingles: Have you recently started noticing that some or most of your shingles have started curling up? They are not supposed to be this way, right? One of the most common causes of curling shingles other than improper installation of your shingles and improper ventilation in your attic is multiple layered roofs. A lot of times, in an attempt to save little money homeowners, tend to install a new roof over the older decayed one. While it saves the homeowners some upfront costs by not taking out the older roof it leads to much higher costs as the new layer of the roof is usually not as secure as it would have been if the older roof was taken out. The old roof may also moisture trapped within it which leads to deterioration in the structural grip of the shingles and can cause them to curl up or even fly off under the pressure of elements of nature. Thus, it is not only bad for the roof to not replace curled shingles but is also hazardous for people living in the vicinity. Contact 1st Priority Roofing to replace your curled shingles with the best quality asphalt shingles in North America.

Buckling Shingles: Buckling and curling shingles are most commonly caused by moisture trapped within your roof sheathing. As the sheathing expands with an increase in moisture levels it closes on the gaps left during installation. This closing of proper gaps can cause the shingles across it to buckle. If these gaps are not properly provided during the installation, any movement in sheathing due to moisture can cause the sheathing itself to buckle (thinner the sheathing, the higher probability it has of buckling).

Missing Shingles: Although if properly installed it is very difficult to move the shingles as they are nailed and cemented to your roof, missing shingles are not altogether a rare occurrence. A storm or wind blowing with sufficient force can cause an old roof to drop some shingles. This can also be dangerous as under strong enough wind these shingles can act as projectiles and cause damage in the area. While not every single shingle loss means oncoming damage to the roof, if enough shingles are missing you must start thinking about roof repair or roof replacement. It is advisable to repair the loss of even a single shingle depending on its location – if the missing shingle was placed in the vicinity of edges or valleys on your roof you should get new shingles installed in place of the missing shingles. Missing shingles can be the cause of roof leakages in the future. 1st Priority Roofing provides some of the best shingle present in the market. As Platinum Preferred Contractor of Owens Corning Shingles, we have new age shingles which are a result of years of scientific research and breakthroughs.

Granule Loss: All the modern shingles are composite i.e. they are made of fiberglass, asphalt, and granules on top. While fiberglass and asphalt form a strong base for the shingle, granules on top protect it from UV radiation and water damage. With passing years, it is quite common for granules to start coming off the shingles on your roof. While the loss of granules from some shingles is okay, if too many shingles become bald (without granules) it can lead to the layer of asphalt being directly exposed to the UV radiation and elements of nature. This may cause the quality of the roof to fall quickly overtime as the first layer of protection of your roof is gone. Thus, if you notice multiple shingles on your roof without an upper layer of granule, it may be time to contact 1st Priority roofing to repair or replace your roof.

Manufacturing Problem: Sometimes, roofing materials that are not manufactured properly can be a cause of problems in your roof. Poor quality shingles or tiles are a major cause of it. Some of the most common manufacturing problems occur in low-quality asphalt shingles and tiles. Tiles could be more porous than is healthy for your roof. Tiles can even become more porous after years of use. While it can take up to 25-30 years for decent quality tiles to start becoming porous, it is not uncommon for poorly manufactured tiles to become too porous before a lot of time has passed. Porous tiles cause tiles to retain the moisture in them causing the roof to weaken and also encourages the growth of microbial life. Contact 1st Priority roofing to get the best quality roofing materials for your home. Our products pass through tests for the highest quality standards in North America.

Algae and Mold Formation: Have you noticed that streaks of black and blue running across your roof. These streaks are a type of algae known as Gloeocapsa magma, growing and spreading across your roof. This alga is airborne and is thus virtually impossible to prevent its growth unless you use algae-resistant shingles that have copper granules on them which causes a significant reduction in the growth of algae. If left untreated these algae to worsen year on year. And while the algae only cause ‘cosmetic damage’ when limited to a small area, once it has spread over most of the roof, it can cause significant damage as it holds moisture within the shingles causing the roof to age prematurely, underlayment to start rotting, etc. While in initial phases the algae can be somewhat cleaned off by washing it lightly with 50 percent mixture of bleach and water, homeowners are only recommended to work on algae if they have a flat roof or a roof with really low slop, so that they are not at risk of slipping and falling. Please be sure not to apply too much pressure as it can cause damage to the shingles. While algae and moss are quite common on the outside of your roof, mold, and mildew are quite common on the insides due to improper ventilation. As you know, the hot air rises, while the cool air settles down. If the ventilation of your attic is not done properly, all the rising moisture is trapped in the decking of your house. This trapped moisture can cause a series of problems – from the formation of mold and decay in wooden structure to curling of shingles among other things. A well- ventilated roof allows a better circulation of air and pushes the increased moisture out of your house. Growth of moss and mildew can grow exponentially is the weather becomes humid even for a short while and start covering big swaths of your roofing structure from inside. This not only weakens the support structure for your roof but can also cause various health problems for people residing in the home. If you are noticing growth in algae, moss, mold or mildew in your roofing structure it may be time to call on us. You need not worry, we at 1st Priority roofing no strings attached roof inspection and cost estimate for your roof. Our contractors will give you an expert view on whether the microbial growth in your home a reason to worry or not.

Animals and Pests: The Colorado region boasts a presence of a variety of wild animals calling this place their home. While some of the bigger animals do not venture into the areas inhabited by humans, smaller animals and insects have no issues in living around residential and commercial areas. While it is quite common for stinging insects like bees and wasps to make their nests in your house, small wild animals like a raccoon can also barge their way into your attic by clawing their way through the roof. There is also a probability of pests like termites and rats to cause significant damage to your roof over the years. Animals and pests can cause some serious damage to your roof and it is advisable to get your inspected and repairs to ensure that the damage does not persist or grow and to discourage the animal and pest to start considering your home as its place to rest.

Leakages: While some roof leakages are quite obvious and can be easily seen, some of them are more subtle and harder to find. Whatever the case may be in your home any leakages noticed in your roof demands an urgent repairing of your roof. A leaking roof will never fix itself and If left untreated these leakages will increase over time and cause a litany of problems. Ranging from discoloration in your home, structural damage, growth of invasive microorganisms like lichen, wood decay, etc. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) advises homeowners to get their roof checked twice a year to find and fix any damages before they grow and become a major problem. Contact 1st Priority Roofing for immediate consultations. We will take care of any damages while guaranteeing you the best prices in the market.

Roof Ponding: Do you have a low incline roof or flat roof? Then you may have noticed residue water on your roof after some rain or storm. Does this water evaporate within a couple of hours? If so, you need not worry. But if you notice pockets of water remaining on your roof even hours or days after the rain or storm there might be a serious problem on your hands. Roof ponding can start with an accumulation of water in small pockets on your roof, but untreated ponding causes the pocket area to increase over time as the weight of the water starts causing minuscule dents at the edges of the pocket. This causes the water pocket to gradually but steadily increase in size. This causes leakages and deterioration of your roof. It also increases microbial growth and problems arising out of increased moisture retention in your roof. Additionally, if the ponding becomes large enough, the additional weight of the water can cause structural damage to your home. Thus, if you notice any instance of roof ponding, however small it may be, call on 1st Priority Roofing and wait for our experts to come and assess your roof within hours.

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