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In Colorado, we experience seasonal rains, snow melt and hail that can impact your home in a negative way when water on your roof is not controlled and properly channeled from your roof and away from your home.

A 2000 sq ft roof will have just shy 1,245 gallons of water running off in heavy flows with a rain storm with just 1 inch of rain. Colorado Springs experiences on average 17 inches of rain fall almost 40 inches of snow, Denver has about 16 inches of rain and 55 inches of snow, Boulder has 18 inches of rain and 55 inches of snow, and Ft Collins has 16 inches of rain and 57 inches of snow. The Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver and Ft Collins areas are not impacted by “deep snow” like the ski towns who have sometimes up to 4 times the amount of snow fall, so with the properly installed and durable gutters by 1 st Priority Roofing you won’t have to worry about the gutters becoming detached or submitting to the heavy weight of the snow.

When considering that one inch of rain and multiplying it by your local rain fall and considering the amount of snow melt, it’s no wonder that more homes and businesses are adding gutters to their properties.

Without the assistance of gutters, you can expect that you will speed up the time your home will need new stucco, siding or paint as well as landscaping help. It reduces the potential for ponding water that can cause damage to your roof, decking as well as your landscaping. With the rooftop experts at 1 st Priority Roofing, we can repair, replace or install new gutters that will not only improve the look of your home, but protect your home and its property value. In the unfortunate event of hail, your damaged gutters can be covered by insurance.

Our gutters are also available in a number of styles and colors to give your home a lift in its curb appeal from the moment they are installed. Leaf guards with 1 st Priority Roofing are affordable and can extend the life of your gutters, reduce your maintenance as well as keep out unwanted pests like squirrels and insects.


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