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In the Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver and Ft Collins areas, we know storm damage is going to occur from occasional high force winds and large hail up to 4 inches in diameter.

While many other roofing companies consider the insurance claims to be the golden goose, we don’t run our business focused on storm chasing and fake claims. We want to work with you amicably because we both want our mutual customer to get their home restored quickly. You can count on us to work with you in a timely manner with ethical estimates. We also can provide roof inspections to give you an accurate life expectancy report for your customer’s roof so they know when they need to replace it before even the smallest storm will cause damage.

We will ensure your customers understand what insurance covers, what it does not cover, what the customer’s responsibility is, always collect their deductible and make sure they understand what goes into a roofing estimate. We will communicate with both you and the customer clearly the entire step of the process making sure this is the best experience your customer can have with you during a claim on their home as well as with our roofing company. We will encourage them to use the best products possible to extend the life of their roof or gutters in hopes that they won’t need to contact your company as quickly for a claim in the future.



Let 1st Priority Roofing's Expereince Speak for Itself!

If you work for an insurance company as an agent or adjuster in the Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder and Ft Collins area, use 1 st Priority Roofing the best roofing company for a superior experience for your company and your customer in the claims process and home restoration experience. Contact us to find out about all the extended benefits from using 1 st Priority Roofing as your preferred Roofing Contractor or to have us conduct a free ethical roof or hail inspection.