What Are The Best Questions To Ask Your Roofer?

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questions to ask your roofer

Choosing the right roofing contractor to get the job done is easier said than done. Every year, consumer agencies get thousands of complaints from customers on the services that they receive from roofing contractors. This is in part due to most people jumping towards the first contractor that they can find in the newspaper or even in social media. 

Moreover, most states in the United States do not have any laws or regulations on how roofing contractors operate. This creates an impression on customers since these states can become the ‘wild west’ when it comes to the roofing industry. 

Since the cost for training in the roofing industry is fairly low and most companies can just recruit someone who only has personal but not professional experiences in installing roofs, then this can lead to most of the roofing crews generally untrained. 

It is highly recommended that we take precautionary measures by asking the right questions in how a contractor will operate on your roof first before making any final decisions. You’re making a huge investment on your roof and having untrained workers on your roof can cause more harm than good. 

Top Questions To Ask 

If you’re negotiating or planning on hiring a roofing contractor to work on your roof, it’s best to ask these questions. It might seem like you’re asking too many questions, but this is important in getting a professional impression on what your contractor can offer. 

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Naturally, we want to know how long a contractor has been operating. If they have been operating to more than a decade, then this is a clear sign that their business has been going well and they might have had long-term clients. 

Who Owns Your Business? 

It’s best to also be aware of who owns the business. Naturally, contractors are made up of a group of people that split their shares. However, there are also companies that are owned by a single person. Doing a background check on who owns a specific company will determine where their priorities lay. Are they there to maximize profits or to keep your roof in a pristine condition? 

What Other Services Does Your Company Do?

In most cases, roofing contractors also offer different services. If you want to have mold and mildew removed or even repairs to your home’s sidings, then you will need to ask your contractor. 

How Long Will This Project Take?

Roofing contractors need to finish roofing projects as soon as possible since an exposed roof can be damaged by rain, high winds, and even fluctuations in the temperature. It’s important knowing how long a roofing project will take. On average, certain roofing materials like asphalt shingles will take around 2 – 4. Most roofing materials will take less than a week to be installed on your roof. 

What Are Some Training And Experience That Your Crew Has? 

There’s no hurt in doing some research or even asking your contractor on the experience that their crew has and what do they excel in. Having seasoned roofers working on your roof can mitigate any damages. 

Is There A Schedule For My Project?

If you’re getting your roof done during warmer seasons, you’ll notice that there’s going to be lots of homeowners who want to commission the services of the same contractor. If there’s a long queue, then it’s highly recommended that you let your contractor know ahead of time so they can prioritize you. 

How Will You Remove The Roofing Materials From The Site?

Usually, roof replacements can be messy and will leave lots of debris and dust on your yard. It’s only appropriate that your roofing contractors will also do aftercare right after performing a roof replacement.

Important Tips 

If your roof does have any extra structures such as skylights, chimneys, and overhangs, it’s best to ask your contractor how they will have these structures removed. These specific questions will help you get to know how professionally trained these contractors are when handling certain situations. This will also make sure that your skylights and other extra structures won’t become damaged. 

It’s also appropriate to discuss the age of the extra structures that you have on your roof. This will help the contractor determine whether your extra structures need to be removed or if they need to be restored. 

Additionally, you’ll need to late your contractor know of any past winter-time problems that you might have had before since this might manifest in the next winter season. This will help your contractor take the necessary measures in preventing any icing problem from happening.  

At the end of the day, transparency is key in making sure that every single aspect of your roof and your home is known before any roofing process is done. Moreover, it’s also highly recommended that you do your own research and background check on your roofing contractor on how their track record looks like. After all, you’re investing thousands of dollars on your roof so it’s only appropriate that you take the necessary measures to make sure that the installation process will run smoothly. 

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