1st Priority Roofing Gets Roofing Done By Closing for Realtors

At 1st Priority Roofing, We Take Realtors Serious

1st Priority Working with Realtors

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Treating you and your property respectfully.

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While many roofers don’t want to work with relators because they believe they are just using them as a negotiating tool, we know that to be a myth. Like property managers, realtors need roofs for their clients – the homeowners. You can expect that the staff at 1 st Priority Roofing will treat you and your property with the same respect we would any home – giving it the time and attention from estimating to scheduling to completion that every home deserves.

At 1 st Priority Roofing, we understand that often roofing issues may arise during the home inspection phase and need to be addressed and resolved correctly within a short amount of time. With this in mind, we can promise you that we will work with you to get you an ethical estimate at a fair price and your roof completed quickly before your closing so as not to disrupt the seller or the buyer. In fact, we want to make their experience and yours as pleasant as possible, and we will make sure you know all your warranty and material options.


Get Ahead in the Competitive Market.

As a realtor in a very competitive and active market, you know the impact of delaying a closing date. If you’re a realtor in the Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder and Ft Collins area, you can stop the run around from other roofing contractors who aren’t taking your buyer or seller seriously or can’t work within your closing times. Contact the best roofing contractor in Colorado who values you, your buyers and your sellers for a free estimate today..