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Insurance Claims

If you have never handled a homeowner claim before, the following video and explanation should give you a solid understanding of the overall process.
So how does the process work? These are the simple steps we will help you take in order to complete your insurance claim :

1)  1st Priority Roofing will inspect your property FREE of charge, and offer a FREE consultation on the findings.

2)  If a claim needs to be filed, 1st Priority’s representative will help you call your insurance company and file a claim.  It is wise to know the details of your policy before doing this; such as whether or not you have full Replacement Coverage, or only Actual Cash Value coverage.  Or if you have Code Upgrade coverage for City Codes.

3) Your insurance company will send an adjuster out to inspect the damage on your property.  Once finished, the adjuster will give you what is called an Adjuster Summary.  This is their estimate for repairing the damage at your property.

4) Your 1st Priority representative will need a copy of the Adjuster Summary in order to perform an audit on your behalf.  More than 99% of all insurance estimates we see are missing items that need to be paid for.  Our staff will review and audit the work done by your insurance adjuster, and make necessary recommendations to them called ‘supplements.’

5) You and your 1st Priority representative will review the work that needs to be completed on your property, then you will pick out your products and fill out the contract so work can begin.

6) Shortly after we receive all necessary paperwork to begin a project (and assuming there is nothing we are waiting on from your insurance company or mortgage company), work will begin and finalized in a timely manner.

7)  After work is completed, we will invoice your insurance company for work completed and any additional supplements needed.  You will then receive a final check from your insurance to give to 1st Priority for work completed.

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